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Best Budget-Friendly Gifts for Beer Lovers

It's that time of year when we want to acknowledge our friends and family by buying them thoughtful gifts that we know they'll love. If your recipient(s) are beer lovers, look no further than this list which includes my favorite gifts, all of which cost less than $40.

I'm going to assume that, if they're a beer lover, they already have plenty of specialized glassware, growlers, bottle openers, etc. so no need to add to their collection unless they have specifically asked for a certain item in this category. Instead, let's focus on some fun and unique gifts that are sure to please. I have highlighted products that are handmade in the Pacific Northwest. All prices are accurate at time of posting.


I personally have three different pairs of beer socks that I have received as gifts. I love them all! There are many styles for men and women so just pick the ones you like best. Here are some suggestions:

Davco Men's Beer Socks $3.99

Sock It to Me Women's Knee Sock $12.00

If You Can Read This Novelty Socks $4.99

cheers beer socks mugs prost


Show your love for beer with a little auricular adornment.

Sterling Silver Hop Flower Earrings $27.50

Hop Earrings $38.00 and up

Beer Babes Earrings $30.00 and up

Beer Babes Bottlecap Art earrings


Moisturize and cleanse your skin with the added benefits of hops and other natural ingredients.

Swag Brewery 3-pack assorted soaps $19.99

LeCol's Boneyard beer soap bar $5.00


Not just for Valentine's Day, this is a special treat for both the chocolate and beer lover in your life.

Moonstruck Oregon Craft Brewers Truffle Collection $34.95

Moonstruck chocolate truffle beer gift box


Mindy Humphrey has been making wallets, luggage tags, passport covers and other fun items from repurposed six-pack boxes since 2010. Prices range from $9.00 to $30.00 so there's something for even the smallest budget.

Mindys Beer Gear Etsy Shop

Mindys beer gear etsy wallet

Insulated Bag

Many beer lovers like to participate in bottle shares so they need a way to transport all of that precious beer. A well-designed sturdy, leak-proof, insulated bag that holds anything from cans to 750 ml bottles upright like this one is what you want.

Coleman 30-can cooler $19.97


My friend Jeff Alworth took two full years to research and write The Beer Bible. It is my go-to resource for all things beer. It's really easy to pick up and read just one chapter at a time when you're curious about the history, traditions and brewing techniques for a certain style of beer.

The Beer Bible $14.36

Jeff Alworth writer Beer Bible book

I'm also a big fan of Randy Mosher's Tasting Beer. The updated, second edition was just published this year. It has everything you ever wanted to know about beer styles and what imparts flavor in beer.

Tasting Beer $12.20


I have a set of these beer mug lights hanging above the windows around my kitchen dining area. They're a nice touch for parties and add some much-needed light in the dark, winter months.

Set of 10 indoor/outdoor beer mug lights $14.49

indoor beer mug string lights

Another useful household item is this set of beer-themed coasters:

Set of 4 stone coasters $18.88

Gift Card

If you're still not sure what to get for your favorite beer lover, you can't go wrong with a gift card for a local homebrew supply store (if they make their own beer) or for their favorite bottle shop or tap room. Maybe they'll even share the beer(s) they pick out with you!

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