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My Dream Beer Festival

As someone who explores the world in search of great beer and unique experiences, I could not resist the opportunity to design my dream beer festival with travel as the theme. Thanks to my friend and fellow scribe Brian Yaeger for the invitation and motivation!


Around the World in 80 Beers festival poster pint glass with world map in beer foam

The Around the World in 80 Beers Festival will feature beers from more than 30 countries on six continents. The organizers of this exclusive event have scoured the globe and painstakingly sourced unique beers that are usually only available in their area of origin.

The event will be held in a city that already has a devoted number of craft beer drinkers who are willing to pay a premium for an extraordinary experience. The venue will be a convention center which has six adjacent rooms suitable for this event. The six different rooms will be designed to arouse the senses. As you step into each space, you will be effortlessly transported to various geographical regions through music, decorations, food samples and, of course, beer. Picture the It’s a Small World ride at Disneyland.

This two-day event will be limited to 500 attendees per day. The dates will be in January or February on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Hours are 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Nonrefundable tickets must be purchased in advance and you must choose the date you will attend at the time of purchase.

Tickets for one session (one day’s admission) are $125 and include a custom designed glass snifter, 4 oz samples of all the beers, and unlimited bite size snacks served buffet-style. You will receive a passport with detailed information about each beer which you will get stamped at each border crossing i.e. beer serving station.

Breweries will be selected based on their ability to create a beer made with locally sourced ingredients, e.g. fruits, herbs and spices that are cultivated in the region where it is brewed. There will be a wide range of beer styles represented.

Sample participating breweries include:

Rebellion - Regina, Saskatchewan

Cervecería Texcoco Mystic Ales - Estado de México, Mexico

Campo Brew Co. - Playa Santana, Nicaragua

Cerveza Berlina - Patagonia, Argentina

Bruggsmiðjan - Árskógssandur, Iceland

Tiny Rebel - Newport, South Wales

Ægir - Flåm, Norway

Dois Corvos - Lisbon, Portugal

BrauHaus - Tirana, Albania

Pravda - Lviv, Ukraine

Mad Giant - Johannesburg, South Africa

Tawandang German Brewery - Bangkok, Thailand

Magpie Brewing - Seoul, South Korea

Rhyme & Reason - Wanaka, New Zealand


Disclaimer: This festival is, at this point, a figment of my imagination only. The logistics and costs of importing even a small amount of beer from microbreweries in more than 30 countries would be astounding. Plus, 80 beers is way too many for an event of this size as I have envisioned it, but I like the play on Jules Verne’s book title. I do think it’s a fun idea for a beer festival so if anyone reading this would like to explore it further, feel free to contact me at Also note that I have not discussed this idea with any of the sample breweries listed even though I have personally visited some of them; they are simply representative of the geographical diversity of craft beer around the globe.

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