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About Me

I'm a lifelong adventurer with an unquenchable passion for travel. As of late 2020, I have visited all 50 U.S. states and almost 100 countries (and transiting through an airport does NOT count!).

I like to find ways to reinvent myself, whether by working for different companies, moving to another city, or just constantly making an effort to learn and try new things. My end goal is always to explore more, experience more, and live life to the fullest every day.

I have been documenting my world travels and life in Portland, Ore. at Alethea's Excellent Adventures since July 2009. I have also written for beer publications and travel blogs. I started my own business, A Smartt One, in 2016 to help local companies with Project Management, Office Organization, Writing & Editing, Marketing, and Event & Travel Planning. 


With Coast to Prost my goal is to share my travel tips and tricks with you, including the best food & drinks, destination advice, and budgeting & planning tools.


You can contact me directly at

Alethea Smartt peers through binoculars at the Bernese Alps
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